Putting a filter directly on kdx200 carb? Air intake leak might force me to

So the intake boot from my filter to carb on my 86 kdx200 is very cracked and dryrotted o he point that its all covered in electrical tape. It runs fine when cold but when warmed up itts only ridable in the woods because it dies when im gassing it. Im not worried about jetting i could care less for now but can i put one of those k&n style filters right on the carb? I really want to ride this week and the only stock boots for sale are like $120. Thanks!

I had a 140cc pit bike that was built up a bit from the previous owner and it had a K&N "cone" filter coming straight off the carb, worked perfectly fine. I thrashed the hell out of that thing too

Get on ebay and search for a airbox you could retro fit..I bet you can find something better than a cheap cone filter that has no real protection from the elements.

maybe try dipping it in the rubberized stuff meant for tool handles.

Got to pay to play. I am myself a cheap individual. But sometimes you need to spend the money.

You could do a clamp on, but will likely need to support it somehow, as the carb boot isn't meant to handle the leverage of the carb and filter hanging.

And, tuning will change drastically, and likely not for the better. You'll be giving up intake length and therefor power at lower rpm. Jetting WILL need work. In the two stroke street bike world guys often find a midrange hole that cannot be fixed with any amount of jetting, its just a tuning thing.

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