'14 250 XCF-W VS 350 XCF-W?

I've read a couple comparisons on both. Plan to add a street legal kit. dealer offering came discount on both bikes. 90% single track trail riding, only looking to street it 5 to 10 miles at a time to reach trail head. At about 175 # & 6' I'm leaning toward the 250 and save $1000. Not a racer, more explorer.



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either one will suit you fine... I'm about the same size as you and have ridden a 250f for the last 10 years and have been in some nasty stuff and never thought that I needed more power....  on the other hand, the 350 is nearly the same weight as the 250 with more hp....

Buddy has a 250xcfw with 280 kit and I am 200 6"2 feels weak but the 350xcf feels about right still not overpowering.

Theyre both as tame of bikes as you can possibly get. Theres no reason not to go with the 350, youll be extremely hardpressed to find any situation where it would provide too much power for comfort.


I do the same kind of riding as you. I have been riding CRF250X for the last 3 years and an XR250 before that. Night and day between the CR and XR. Purchased a XCFW 350 in January and have been loving it! No regrets! Don't know how it compares to the 250 XCFW. I know I will never say "should have got the 350"! I'm 5'8" and 185, love the power, just needed to ride a couple of times and now feels normal. Haven't done it yet but with the EFI they can be mapped to compare with the power of a 450. Good luck with your decision!

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