Difference between the 2004 RM 125 and 2005 RM 125?

From what I understand, the 2005-2007 models were updated from the 2001-2004 models, and that 2005-2007 are essentially the same bike.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  What were the changes made from 2004-2005, and is it worth looking for a 2005 or later bike due to those changes?  

Hit, PV, and power curves where all that where changed motor wise. 05+ 125s handle best 01 is KYB, 02+ is showa

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Biggest change is triple ex port 05' and up.

Biggest change is triple ex port 05' and up.

Are you sure this is right?

I thought the last motor change was 04

Could be, does the 04' have the triple ex port?

Suzuki gave the RM 125 the new long-rod motor for 2004.  I would have to guess the 2005 got minor porting changes, little suspension settings, and Bold New Graphics.

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