Wondering if anyone has ever installed this bearing!

Upon getting all the bearings in the case I noticed I need to install the clutch release cam bearing. These are the extremely small bearings that go in the stator side top of the case where the cam for the clutch cable pulls on the engage and disengage the clutch.


Common sense would tell me the heat / freeze method although great once mastered, will not work as these bearings are not sealed or even held in like the one shift drum bearing with a tiny race to keep them from falling out.


I would think as soon as the heat is applied the grease will liquefy and allow the needles to fall out almost effortlessly and instantly.... Hence I have searched and searched and cant find anything on how to complete this.


I did order the service version of the '13 rmz-250 manual , but god knows when it will get here......


Have any of you encountered this?


Find a plastic plug or cork or something to keep the needles from falling out while working with it.

Heat and freeze. Dump the needle bearings out and after race is in-then install needle bearings. Same as doing linkage bearings.

IT would impossible to install these needles as once they are in one is in there is no way to get to anything in there. Seems to need a special press for this. WTF

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