Scott's steering damper pin keeps falling

Hello I bought the damper for the woods and just started riding mx a few months ago. Since then, after a day of mx the pin from the frame that attaches to the arm from the damper always falls down through the rubber piece that holds it. I already replaced the pin and the rubber piece. Has this anyone to anyone else and what are the fixes?

Maybe set it up and mark where the rubber sits then glue it in position. Edited by dirteta

Sounds like you have a sub mount style clamp/post and a top mounted stabilizer. 

I have known a few guys drill it & put a pin threw it because it kept falling. U could try that.  I have never had any problems with mine falling & I have had two? 

We have 3 bikes with Scott's and mine is the only one that does it. I found out I was bottoming out last weekend so that may help since I stiffened up my suspension, but still it shouldn't fall. Yeah my Scott's is nestled under my flexx bars all protected. What do you mean drill a pin through?

I think he's suggesting you drill a hole near the tip of the pin, and then add a cotter pin through the hole you drilled which would keep the pin from falling.

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