Is my bike stolen?!?!?!

I bought a 2007 crf250r last week and went to get it plated for trails when the registry told me that the vin number I had was too short when I went back to the bike it looks like the rest of the vin has been rubbed off by brake wire (or made to look like that) i was wondering has this happened to anybody else with the brake line or has it been altered to look like the brakes and wondering what do I do if it is stolen because I don't wanna lose 3500 thank you for you're time and help.ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406133974.537006.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406133988.886252.jpg

You should have no problem with the title or MSO. Never buy a bike without one or the other.

@william1 I diddent get a title for the bike

Most people don't buy bikes without titles.

Me personally I check the vin itself and if it's all there I don't fret too much

Long story short brake lines (that's the clutch cable by the way) don't grind up aluminum

You have either a physics and chemistry phenomena or a theif that's more clever than I would be

My 03 crf450r had a similar rub mark from the brake cable. It went right through the vin also but was not so bad you couldnt make out the vin. It only had one mark on it. Not 3 like yours has.

I've never owned a bike with an aluminum frame, but I seriously doubt a cable could do that, especially 3 perfect grooves like that.  My guess is someone did that on purpose somewhere along the way.

Is there any way I can recover the vin number

I have seen cables eat into aluminum frames on high hour bikes before. I don't think a thief did this (or at least not a very smart one) because the first few characters of the VIN would be the same as all other CRF250R's of that era. It is the characters at the end of the VIN that differ from bike to bike, so those would be the ones you would file off if trying to hide a stolen bike.


The first 8 characters on all 2007 CRF250R VIN's should be JH2ME103

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I've seen it on a 100f once but it was only one mark

It is very rare for bikes around here to come with titles or mso. I've only gotten a few bikes with them. Indiana doesn't require them unless you're DSing it.

Also, absolutely cables will do that to aluminum.


The honda plastics eat into the frame by the subframe. My 07 YZ had the clutch cable starting to do that to the neck as well.

Call Honda, they will be able to tell you where else to look for a VIN on the frame and also you may be able to get a duplicate MSO.  If they can't issue the MSO then they may be able to tell you who the original dealership was and they may have a duplicate MSO.

I have never sold a used bike with a title and I have never purchased a used bike with a title (all transactions private party).  I needed to register my brother's old 1989 KDX200 and they registered it in my name without blinking an eye.  The bike is officially mine right now until he wants to start paying for the registration.  A worn vin...quite the issue for sure. I personally wouldn't risk disclosing this information to the registration office unless you have no choice.  What I mean is if you want to be able to get a license plate for it.  Not worth explaining such a thing to a police officer.  Make up a full vin?  A VIN has 17 digits.  The last 6 will be numbers.  You decide what you feel is the right moral decision to make.  Don't get the off road registration sticker and eat the unlikely fine you may receive (I have never run into an authority in my life who asked for this and I hide my sticker deep behind the forks because I don't like the looks of them).  Or make up the VIN so you are doing your duty via the necessary contribution for the rights to ride.  The worst case scenario to this would be a call back from the registration office about the VIN not checking out.  At this point simply don't go back...they won't pursue such a needless thing and you paid like you should have.  When you buy insurance on the bike you actually will not be able to get insurance...a carrier's computer system is more advanced than the will immediately pull a vehicle up according to the VIN.  Is your bike is too late now. The best investigator in the world is not going to tract down the owner that was wronged without a VIN and no one is going to spend the money to finger print, DNA, etc.  "pay it forward" by selling your bike and disclosing the VIN issue.  It will sell anyway and you become a person who is better than a law abiding are a human being that can look beyond the opinions of the masses and decide for yourself what is the moral path to take.

Right now I have my old bike registered still and just putting the plates on my new one the guy I bought it off haven't been returning my calls too so I'm having more suspicion that it was stollen

My 2000 CR250 has marks likes this but farther down from where the shrouds have rubbed for 14 years. So, possible a cable could do this? BTW, always buy with title or whatever your state requires. 

Right now I have my old bike registered still and just putting the plates on my new one the guy I bought it off haven't been returning my calls too so I'm having more suspicion that it was stollen

I already told you what your full VIN is. Now that you know the whole VIN it is easy to check if it is in the police database for stolen bikes.

Ya I am going to foreshore try it thanks for all the help

I noticed when I bought my brand new CRF250X that in only a couple rides the cables started to polish the area where the vin was located.  I covered over with electrical tape for fear that it would eventually be worn off.  I don't think there is any wrong doing with your bike just normal wear from the cables.

Yep my cables on my 05 cfr250r have rubbed a nice little groove through my vin

Your VIN is basically intact. The last six characters are the important ones and they are still there and in perfect shape.  What you have are the last couple of characters of the bike description, the model year (7), a code that says it was built in Japan (M), and the six digit sequential production number (the characters a thief would remove). The characters you are missing from the front of the VIN tell what kind of motorcycle it is (which you already know).  You can probably figure out from someone else or the Internet what those missing characters should be.


This doesn't mean your bike wasn't stolen, a thief won't necessarily remove the VIN. But the guy probably isn't calling you back simply because you are bothering him over a bike he has sold and is done thinking about.

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