Building a figure 8

Hey all- I'm getting back into the sport of riding after a 24 year break in my seat time and I'm definitely picking up on some areas where I need improvement. Cornering being one of the main ones, I always feel like the bike is pushing out and the front tire is going to wash on me. So I've been reading a lot and have seen the Figure 8's being highly touted for helping polish and familiarize myself with turns again. So, that being said, I've decided to construct one of these in some open/wooded area I have available. Is there a diameter to the 8's that would probably best for starting out? 12'-14' maybe??? Just curious. Thanks for any help!

Try different sizes. You'll want to master tight turns as well as long sweeping turns.

Start with a fairly big figure 8. As you progress, get faster and more confortable then you can start bringing the figure 8 in tighter and tighter. You will be villapoto in no time! :thumbsup:

Shane Watts has some videos on youtube with his circle ruts, I think one of them he talks about how he built it.

Youtube search Shane Watts circle rut. Worth a view

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