2500hd. Keep her rust free!

Hey guys. So I have a pretty clean 05 Sierra 2500HD.

I live in CT and it is said to be the worst state in the union when it comes to chemicals on the road in the winter. The body on the truck is mint. Not a spec of rust anywhere....clean cab corners and rockers. Bumpers are new as they were dinged up and I replaced them while it was at the body shop for a dent in the door. The only damage I had was on the wheels. The finish was gone on them so I bought new factory wheels.

Anyway I want to make sure I keep her clean....any tricks/ practices you guys use to keep these babies clean?

Just rinsing her after every storm now and the guys at the body shop said to keep doing what I am doing. They are seeing 09s and 10s with the rockers and cab corners gone on Suburbans and pickups.

I really love my truck and would like to keep her pretty for as long as I can. I kind if like not having a truck payment.

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Get the underneath sprayed with GravelTex, and get the lower half of the truck bedlined.

The bedliner prevents almost all damage from rocks and chemicals from affecting the area sprayed. It also looks good for a long time and it's very strong. It won't show any rust, and if it gets dented or dinged in any area bedlined, you can just spray it with more bedliner to fill it in.

There's plenty of textures from rough to somewhat smooth you can choose from.

Those trucks are kinda notorious for rotting and rusting on the cab corners and underneath.

It's a bit expensive sometimes, but it's the best way to go.

That sounds really good. You got that right...I saw a Tahoe that was only a few years old with tie downs holding the cab together when I was at the shop.

What is it bad materials gm uses? Its sad that we won't see many of these trucks in 20 years because of this problem.

I honestly don't know. It seems thin.

Wanna know how thick the metal holding your truck together is that's called a frame?

A 1/4".

Everything's so thin and it's a wonder it doesn't rust.

I've seen plenty of trucks have to have their frame welded in some places along the frame rail.

Again, if you have enough money, get the bottom half bedlined by a reputable shop.

For around 10-15 grand you can get everything bedlined... My uncle did that and the thing will never rust. It's so durable and looks so badass the way he did it.

Snap a pic sometime! I would love to see how he did it. Thanks for the tips I am gonna see what the shops around here would charge.

How far are you willing to drive?

I'll try to get a picture when I can. He loaned it out to a customer since he's working on their truck at the moment.

It's a 1/2 ton I think 2002 Chevy. He lifted it 6" I believe and he bedlined the entire thing in a crimson/burgundy two tone with the bottom being silver along with the fender flairs.

Wow. I would drive to MA.....just don't have the coin at the moment lol

Here in NJ they have been using that brine stuff on the roads in winter. My 98 Express van was rust free until they started using that crap a few years ago. Now my right rear quarter panel is rusting around the wheel well and along the rockers on both sides. Im going to have to do something about it before it gets too bad. Cant afford a new van and cant justify having payments on something that gets driven only a few times a month.

Wonder when they started. I got the 2500 off lease and it started out in New Jersey. I don't know what the deal is with the brine but man its bad news for keeping things clean.

Oil is the only way to 100% prevent rust. You can cover it in bed liner and bed liner holds up great but it will look like crap, cost $15,000 and eventully it too will give in. Rust cannot form where places are oiled so instead of doing something drastic, undercoat the living #$!@ out of it every year and make sure that it's done right. We had an 84 chev truck here that was passed down to me that seen just about every winter right up until about 10 years ago and it was undercoated regularly and guess what... no rust. 

I honestly don't know. It seems thin.

Wanna know how thick the metal holding your truck together is that's called a frame?

A 1/4".


you measure that yourself ?

you measure that yourself ?

I can guessimate. It's really thin. It's just square stock that holds your frame up. It may be even less than that, maybe an 1/8th.

Edit: looked it up, they range from 1/8th to 3/16". Really thin imho.

No wonder they are dented and tweaked so easily from a car crash.

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i was going to say 1/4 is actually beefy

  it is indeed 3/16  or less depending on where u check


but if u use it right it's fine C channel / boxed / gussets /crossbeams  ETC 


and some of the new ones are thinner  but hydroformed    that can be stronger by design with less material


the aluminum bodied trucks are starting to come off the drafting tables  that should help the rust issue

Aluminum trucks.......insure they'll be nice and cheap!

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