Deciding on Tires

So, I need a new back tire because mine now has very worn knobbies. I have been looking at Dunlop mx32 or mx51, and I can't decide which one is better. I ride mainly soft or intermediate terrain, never hard and rarely mud or sand. If you guys have any personal preference or have used either of these tires, please shed some light.


Here are the sizes- Front: 70/100-19

Rear: 90/100-16



Here is the website if anyone wants.

I have the mx51 front and back on my bike and would never run them again, constantly sliding out and they simply do not inspire confidence. I have heard better things about the mx52. For me, I am going back to the Brigdestone m403/404 combo as they were great on all terrain. The Michelin ms3 is nice as well. I can't comment on the mx32 as I haven't ever ran it.

The Stones rock. I ran the 403/404 they ride good. Now I have the 203/204 set on there. Love them more. Of course I ride a lot of river bottom land lot of mud and sand. Both wear a lot better than the dunlops.

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