Dual sport project

I'm looking for opinion and advice. I want to build a dual sport. I am currently looking at a crf450x and a wr450f. I will be uncorking whatever I buy. Adding large fuel tank. Large pegs. The tallest fattest bars. Heated grips. Bright lights. Of course a stator...ect ect. Your thoughts on a base bike and advice would be great.

This bike will be plated too.

450x best dual sport bike IMO.

What year models ? I heard they had valve issue at one point.

I think the 1st couple years they came out were the ones with valve issues. Either way, heads don't cost a lot for them (450X) so get one with stainless valves in it and it won't matter. You will have to do it sooner or later so just plan on it if you get an X. WR450's have a good rep for reliability.

Found this 05 for $1600. Gonna go pick it up in the morning.


Found this 05 for $1600. Gonna go pick it up in the morning.

Great deal hopefully it's not roached Edited by BackCountry_IE

I'm pretty sure as to what to look for in a bike, but if you have some crfx specific things to look for let me know. I would appreciate it.

My preference would be the WR .... been around a lot of heavily used and very reliable WR's.

Well that one was roached.

No surprise, glad you recognized a beater. I've ridden Baja on several LONG (1400 mi) rides. We had several CRF450X and WR450F along on all of them. Everytime the CRF X's had valve gear problems.

If you go with the full Kibblewhite head and all new stainless valve gear ... you might be OK if you just ride around your area . If you do long pavement runs and thousands of miles at top speed ...

I would avoid the CRF unless you are serious about maintenance and do rebuilds every 100 hours or sooner. The WR generally will go double that ... or more. NONE of our WR's failed in Baja ... but one time, a friends WR was not sounding good by trips end. When he got it home ... the whole top end was shot. But this bike had probably 1000 hours on it ... and two previous Baja trips. I was very impressed.


I prefer riding the Honda ... but the WR can be good if set up right. (a bit tricky).


If you do lots of paved roads .... in between dirt ... I would not buy either bike unless you really do the maintenance ... at least once a season.

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54321 What would you recommend? I will be on pavement between dirt. I don't mind changing out a sprocket to save a motor.

It seems you still primarily want a good dirt bike ... right?

Nothing really comes close to the longevity of the WR's ... the KTM's may be faster, better handlers, but they won't last as long as a WR450 ... in my experience. The CRF is an awesome bike to ride

but for me (and 3 buddies who are FORMER CRF owners) it's just a bit delicate for long term hard use. You may get lucky ... but I believe a well cared for WR450 will last longer between rebuilds.


If you can't get a plate on the WR in your state ... then you may have to go KTM. KTM 450 EXC. Fantastic bike ... keep up on maintenance and you'll be OK. Would I take the KTM 450 EXC to Baja?

No .. but I'm a chicken. Last trip down there I rode a DRZ400E, before that, a XR250R. When I got on my buddies WR450 ... I was in heaven. I love that bike. So ... hard choice. Really depends on

where you ride, how hard you ride and how good you are with maintenance.

Take your time sorting it all out ... the deals will come your way ... lots of bikes for sale!

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Found this today. Wants vs. Needs. Gonna go take a look at her next week. Supposedly has original tires. Low hours. We will see.


ahhhh, a XR650R , they are a good bike , wish Honda didn't stop making them .

Xr650 might be to heavy for the kind of riding u wanna do..maybe not. But I would recommend one of these if u like the honda XR line. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406557998.530370.jpg

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This is the one I just sold in march. I uncorked it , upgraded suspension, 5.8 gallon tank , and tons more. I loved that thing. Kicking myself for selling her. I did whole entire rainbow trail up the San de cristo mountain range,The alpine loop, a trip to moab on her, and many other adventure. I would argue that it was one of the best running xrl's out there.



WR450F for least amount of maintenence, but the most amount of upgrades to make it dirt ready (suspension, ignition, are pretty much a must do)


CRF450X, once you upgrade the valves, about $600, are as reliable as the WR, and have a more agressive power delivery (less flywheel) and by far the best suspension.


The  CRF is also larger in ergos if that matters.


If you ride really technical stuff, the WR is easier to handle.

If you ride double track and desert, the X will kick it's ass.


I have both, both dual sported, and can't give either of them up.

On the the WR450f is there any years that are better than the other? I have a few prospects I'm going to go look at today and tomorrow.

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