Rm 250


My suzuki rm 250 keeps slipping in second gear I split the engine to get to the gears and it all looked fine,the gears the fork shifts every thing done all to the book and I put it all back together and 1 works 2 nd is still &%$#@! and all the rest work,please help me I have already missed one day at the track

Check your clutch basket. I know it sounds weird but my crf did the exact same and it turned out to be that the clutch basket was worn to $&@#. Replaced that and it was as good as new.

How can I check if it's worn

You'll know when you see it. Where the clutch plates butt up against the clutch basket is supposed to be flat and straight but when it's worn it will have grooves cut into the basket.

I'll check that mate thank u

No problem. I stumbled around forever trying to fix mine and it was really stressing me out so I thought I'd try to help out. Let me know if this is the case.

You where right thank u so much

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