Who has changed their throttle assembly, and to what?

These cables and tube are 20 years old. Plus the PO cut part of the throttle tube off. I've learned that new controls can be a cheap way to make your bike feel new. 


Before I order OEM stuff, who has had a good experience with aftermarket parts like motion pro? Can a set of new cables and a motion pro throttle assembly make my throttle feel new?

Yes, but so can cleaning and lubing the tube and cables, which is free and easy.  If that doesn't work, replace them.  Motion pro seems to be just fine, quality wise.


Cleaning and lubing cables and the tube is part of standard maintenance, regardless of brand or age.  You'll be pleasantly surprised by the difference.

On a 20 year old bike riding the way you do I'd get the MP setup.


That jump picture was nuts!


The XR cables aren't sealed on the bottom and all kinds of crap can get pulled in them.

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