Insurance to cover knee brace?

Hey all,


I would like to get my hands on some nice custom CTI knee braces for riding.  I am very healthy and don't have any knee issues or a history of knee issues and I would like to keep it that way.  I could always buy some nice Asterisk knee braces for $600 but it would be ideal if I could get some custom CTI's paid for by my insurance.  I have really good coverage through Anthem Blue Cross.  


Have you guys heard of insurance company's covering knee braces for someone who doesn't have a history of knee surgeries? Does it just take the right doctor to get your insurance company to cover them for you, or do you need a documented history of knee issues (i.e MRI's, previous surgeries etc.).  


Thank you for the input and ride on!




Personally I was a long time sponsored rider for CTI and now that I have 2 major injures with the braces I would shy away from them. I use the THOR Force shields now. The reason for me stepping away from CTI braces is that there TOO strong and don't have any give. The first time I ended up with a torn ACL and ended up getting blood clots in 07 and again just in June had another incident and got a huge Black and Blue around my knee cap and which it had to have it removed and didn't do any knee damage and the end results getting more blood clots. I don't think there worth it if you take care of yourself and stay in shape. Just  Too restricted I feel.

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