Do you use rim locks?

I had my mechanic install the knobbies that came with my xrl so that I can race it off road this season. He installed rim locks though so now it is out of balance and miserable on the street. Does anyone ride off road without rim locks? What is the best compromise here? 

There's no good reason to not run them.  The compromise is to balance the wheels, which can be done at home quickly and very cheaply.

I got about 100 yards with mine before I pulled the air valve out of the tube with no rim locks.


One good brap was all it took.



I WILL NOT run road or off road WITHOUT rim locks...  Had a tube go on I-25 just North of Albuquerque at 75+, no rim lock, not a fun day, had em' on ever since....


What brand are you using???  The Motion Pro Lite-Lok's are EXTREMELY easy to balance out.  I use the Honda copies (Trackside???) and have not had any issues with balancing my tires.  With the lighter locks, 1 1/2 ounces is about all you need.  For the heavier ones it can go up fast, all the way to 3-4 ounces...

I do not have rim locks and never had a problem ever.  I run an aggressive knobby tire from teraflex too. I personally would not install them.

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i had them put in with my new tires even unbalanced they are not that noticeable at 60 mph 

what is noticeable is how far I can air down in sand and powder without ripping up tubes


before I couldn't get very far in the sand and was afraid to air down much  now i can go to 10 psi

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I solve the balance problem by running two rim locks.  Of course, I run an MT 43 trials tire, sometimes down to 3-4 psi for use on our wet, slippery, rocky PNW trails.

I don't run them and do mostly offroad and rocky. Next tire change out I will be installing them but I've had no problems without them so far.

If you're going to drop the tire pressure way down you'll want to have rim locks.  I don't usually go below about 20 psi and have been fine without them.  I probably should get a set one of these days.

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