Nissin rear brake shaft - where to order? (pic)

94 yz250 rear brake has a lot of lateral play, it is wearing the pads very fast. The shaft has a lot of wear/corrosion. The parts fiche doesn't list as a replaceable part (they only sell the whole bracket including the shaft). Where can I buy one?


Not my part but pic for reference:



I would buy a rear brake assy from ebay and have more parts over here. I bought a few for 20 to 40 Us $

Yup, ebay.

Problem with ebay is the $30-$40 rear brake brackets for sale all look just as worn down as my current part.


I found out the 90 CR250 uses a similar brake caliper and partzilla sells just the pin for $3. I am going to give that a try

Let us know how it fits!

The only people I know that sell the pins individually are race tech and mettec. They are titanium, but aren't expensive and it will outlast your bike.

Let us know how it fits!


I will let you know!


I did some part number searching an ended up on the KTM forum. Guys having the same problem with KTM not selling the pin. The Honda part cross references hundreds of bikes from 1980's+


I will be hear next week.


I had to do the same thing with my missing fork spring upper seats. Yamaha discontinued the part but the 90's KX250 part number is available for the same fork, KYB 43mm

Yamaha does not sell a lot of individual parts for their brakes.  Kawasaki does.  Many Yamaha and Kawasaki brake parts are interchangeable.

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