Best way to glue grips on??What is the purpose of a alluminum throttle tube?

I am putting new grips on my bike and I am wondering what is the best way to glue them on. I tried the Scott grip glue the last time and it dries so fast that it makes getting them all the way on very hard. I remember back in the day alot of people used to use spraypaint. Any ideas on this subject would be appreciated.I am also wondering if there is a bennifit to using a alluminum throttle tube instead of the plastic ones.It seems that in a crash the metal one could crush or bend making the throttle stick?? Thanks

I still use spray paint. It does not set up for 5 minutes or so, lets the grip slip right on, and then sticks like sin after it dries. Or course I use blue paint!

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Grips are made from two different types of compounds, each needs the right type of glue. If not, you may experience the problem you are having. You may also want to use a little more glue to assure that what you have on there is not drying too quick.

Also make sure you apply the glue to the grip, and not the bar. If not, the grip pushes the glue into the kill switch or throttle assembly.

Tubes? The plastics ones break, wear thin, and/or have too much slack between the tube and bar. The plastic tubes also allow your thumb knuckle to smash into the cable housing.

Metal resolves all of this. Money well spent.

Hope this helps.


Believe it or not, carb cleaner works great. It has solvent in it that kinda melts the grip to the bars. You must let ut sit for a while after, and I put saftey wire in the grooves.

i use scotts grip stick and then safty wire. these things do not move. the tube will break if you dump it just right then you have cruise control. :)


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I personally use Honda grip glue. I know I know what a sin right! But I was a Honda guy for years before falling in love with a 2000 426.

ANyway its nasty smelly stuff but once dry works great.

Ive found what makes the biggest differance though is taking the extra time to safety wire your grips.

Don't laugh, but I use Hairspray. I have used it for years & it works great. It drys real fast bonding the grip to the bars/throttle tube. Spraypaint will also give similar effect. I always safety wire 2 to 3 times per grip.

On the throttle tube, I use the Oberg Unit. This tube has the best, smoothest action of any I have ever used. This is due to the fact that the bar end of the Oberg tube actually inserts into the end of the handlebar with a nice rollerbearing that adds strength as well as precise motion.

That's right...Hairspray is the way to go!

What's safety wire, what does it do, and how do you put it on?


I use Renthal glue and medium half waffle grips. Al tubes are tougher, someone even sells one with a bearing that I would have bought if I didnt already have a plain Al one. You do not want a stuck throttle, extra attention paid to the tube and cable is worthwhile.

I dont have barkbusters on my YZ. I do have the scotts bar ends, and I bolt the throttle side straight to the tube with a nylock nut. This really helps keep your grips intact when the bike goes down.

I use 3M spray trim adhesive, spray on both sides and sliper' on. As far as the aluminum throttle tube, durabilty is the goal. Nothing worse than a DNF from a minor getoff. Seems like modern throttle tubes are more brittle than in the ole' days.


Where can I obtain one of these Oberg throttle tube units. Is it mail order or can I get it at a local bike shop? Thanks :)

I use Elmers spray on glue...this stuff is as sticky as air filter oil and works better than any of the other methods I have tried!!!!

Not to ruffle anyone's feathers here, But I have tried hairspray, spray paint,rubber cement,abs cement, and 3M Super77,and after a limited # of rides,wound up with loose grips.When I use Renthal grip glue (I'm sure Honda's is just as good)the grips STAY!! ON!! until you take them off yourself.

Just my 2cts.

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I just clean the tube really well with contact cleaner, dry it off and use compressed air to slide grips on, never had one spin.

more 2 cents... :)

-- charles

I learned this from my dad when I was 8yrs old.

Take your hose off of your PETcock and run just a little into each grip. Swish it around and slip them on . The gas acts as a lube to get them on and also breaks down the rubber a little which helps it stick to the bars.Works awesome!

I never have been a fan of safety wire.

In addition you may want to scuff the bars w/sandpaper lightly! :)

I've ALWAYS used hair spray until I got Protapers. I can't get hairspray to stick to the clutch side. I just bought some grip glue, so we'll see how that does. I don't see how I'm going to slide the grip on without some lube though??

YZFCrash here is the link for Oberg. - sorry you will have type it yourself. The tubes are call the twister tubes, I believe.

Caution: if you use grip glue, do not use Scotts grip glue on Renthal grips as the glue will dissolve the grips. I have never had any issue with hairspray & grips coming off & I hate trying to remove old glue from the bars, etc.. to replace with new grips.

MateoB, Safety wire is avail at any Motorcycle shop. Purchase the wire with the safety wire tool/plier to make the job easier. A must for grips.....and many other uses to.

I used to use rubber cement with safety wire, worked for a little bit. Now I use Renthal Grip glue and of course safety wire and THIS COMBO WORKS THE BEST! :)

my .02

peace :D

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