Best way to glue grips on??What is the purpose of a alluminum throttle tube?

renthal grip glue rules!!!

I agree, Renthal glue even works on those renthal soft gel grips.

With all due respect you "glue dudes"...Glue sucks! Glue is a wimp! Glue was born with a skirt! Glue works one in ten times if the conditions are just right. Too hot it doesn't work, too cold....nope, too much...nada, too little...won't work. Retailers call it "grip glue" and the same wimp cost 4 times as much.

Try this and you'll never hang out with that wimp again!

Remove old grip and clean the bar w/ contact cleaner.

Go to the hardware store and get a roll of friction tape. (looks like electrical tape but is sticky on both sides)

Spiral wrap a strip from the perch out to the end and tuck the remainder in the bar.

Douse with contact cleaner (or gas) and slide the new grip in place.

The gas melts the adhesive in the friction tape and when it dries, the grip will not come off unless you cut it off.

Dump the wimp and get some friction tape!

I got this from the May 2001 issue of Motocross Action Mag. tried it and "bada bing" i no longer worry about "grip slip"

I love this thread!! Everyone has their own majic way of doing the same thing. Everytime I read this post I learn something new. I'm waiting for someone to crack an egg on the bars or spit in the grips. I wouldn't be surprised.

Thanks for the Link GA426owner I will be ordering a oberg throttle tube today. again thanks. John

Well might as well add my thoughts on this. I have to agree with the one other person on the CARB Cleaner. Spray inside the grips and also use the Scott's grip glue. Mixed together for some reason these too make a cement. Only way they are gonna move or come off after that is to cut them off. I can't turn the grips if I wanted too. Let them sit overnight and it will be good till you cut them off. In regards to the throttle tube you can't go wrong with the aluminum tube. I will be getting one as soon as I wear out the grips I just put on. Hope this helps.....Frank

Rough up the bars with a little sandpaper, clean area with brake parts cleaner and let dry. Spray the inside of the grip with 3M Super 77 and slide the grip on. Let them sit overnight then apply safety wire (optional but recommended). This allows the glue to set up evenly between the grip and the bar. Since I started waiting overnight before applying the safety wire, I have yet to have grip twist out of place.

I had a trick that worked real well but my wife said the Chickens were for eggs. So now I use "Shoe Goo". I did use friction tape prior to the Chickens and never really had a problem with it.


Another thing to try with medium of firm grips is wrap friction tape around your bars leaving a little space in between the wraps. Spray contact cleaner all over the friction tape and slide the grip on. The chemical reaction from the frictiontape and the contact cleaner melt the grip to the bar. then put a few pieces of saftey wire on the grips and they will never move. BUT DO NOT USE THIS METHOD WITH SOFT OR THIN GRIPS!!! It ruins the grips. Also another way of putting grips on is b cleaning the bars really well and using an airhose by blowing the grips up and sliding them on. Then saftey wire each grip with 3 pieces of saftey wire. If done correctly the grips will not move even with no glue and only the saftey wire.

Josh, :)

28 Posts for putting grips on. Is this site great or what? I am going to choose my favorite 2 and use one on the right and one on the left.

Good topic.

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