Dual or a Dirt with conversion (and modded for street)? Or is dual sport dead?

New to the forum, glad to be here.


I rode a lot as a kid but haven't in ages. I miss it. But I'm poor and can't afford a motorcycle (plus dual sports have a soft spot in my heart). I'm looking to buy a bike and mod it for street only. I've had my eye on the Suzuki dr650 for it's reliability, fixability, and power for the highway (I'm 220lbs).


But I'm wondering if there is a cheaper option still? Someone at a local bike shop mentioned getting a dirt and a conversion kit, but from what I see on Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, and Yamaha sites is they don't make big off road. And I noticed the smaller dirt bikes available are more expensive then dual counter parts! Annnnd, I noticed when I look for conversions kits that a lot of kits are for bikes from years ago. I didn't see any conversion kits for bikes made in the past 5 years. What's up with that?


So is the dr650 considered the entry level highway worthy dual sport? I know a 250 would be cheaper but there's a lot of highway out here and it would be part of my daily commute.


Also, are dual sports still selling well? When I google dr650 mods like brighter headlights or modding the bike for a bit of touring, I get a lot of dead links. It seems the dr650 was popular 10 years ago but not so much these days. Thoughts??? 


Thanks everyone!

I have noticed that I don't see much for used dual sport bikes either.  Though I own several myself.  There's nothing wrong with off-road of street either but, to me there is nothing better than taking off with no destination and riding back roads until I find trails and just head down them.  I know people who have had things stolen out of their trucks when parked up by the trails.  I guess the thieves figure, hey there's nobody around, and I'll be able to hear them coming if they are headed back...  A-HOLES!!!

With a dual-sport, you don't have to worry about that kind of thing, it's great!  I think I'll probably always own eight or ten dual-sport bikes, so long as my wife allows it. LOL!  Actually, she encourages me, life is great for me...

I would consider a dr350, save you some money and well more power than the 250s. Mine had no problem cruising 70mph and I'm 270lb. May even want to check on a drz400. As for plating a dirt bike, it's getting harder and hgarder to do so and there are less places you can every day and most pure dirt bikes don't do as well on the highway. The best thing would be to test ride a few different bikes and go from there

If you're looking for a dual sport for primarily street/ highway use, I think you're on the right track with the Dr650. Other considerations would be the KLR650, and the DRZ400. The DR and KLR are 20 year old popular bikes, lot's of pats and mods available, especially for the KLR. Lots of DRZ's around too.


For street only, how about the smaller street bikes? might be cheaper. I'm thinking 250-500 cc.



If you buy a KLR650 and dont take it atleast down fourwheeler trails, you wont be doing it jistice. Same with the drz400 dr650. They go in the dirt.

Primarily pavement? Occasional fire road? Why not the super tenere, the veysys, or the V-strom? Any of the bmws would work here too, and you can grow into them for dirt trails too.

To answer the OP, the dr650 has declined because of updated platforma like the klr650, wr250r, crf250L, and more. Its just a tired out model. If budget is what your looking for, a used 2008 or newer klr650 should be avail for less than $5000, some even as low as $2,000. Pick your tires, grab a tank bag, and you should be good to start. My father has one (60 yrs old almost) and plods around the trails with me and it doesnt wear him out too much. The bike is a great one. Just don't sentence it to a life of asphalt only i plead with you....it'll want to play on the dirt roads every now and then. Also, its rear shock is adjustable for your height, so you can adjust your riding position for comfort. The stock seat isnt bad either. Compared to what suzuki offers at least.

Baja Designs, and several other companies still make dual sport kits

That is how I make all my dual sports, starting with an off-road bike, which is considerably lighter and better suspended than any other dual sport, accept KTM and BETA. 

My need is for a very agressive off road bike that is street legal, not a pigmobile with knobbies.

But I'm poor and can't afford a motorcycle 


Why buy a DS and mod it for the street? If money is an issue and you want a bike to ride on the street, you'd save by getting a street bike. But, there are tons of DS bikes already converted to sumos. I don't know anything about Newfoundland, but in most of the developed world, you should be able to find a DR650 (or similar) that someone already converted.

I hope japan wake up from the coma


us ds.PNG

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