I need some help and advice

I'm looking at buying a WR 250F used so need some advice for things to look for.  Initial inspection revealed an oil leak on the right side from a hex bolt.  The bike fired right off and after a minute or two of running I noticed the right side (same location as the hex bolt) cover was hot.  Are these potential problems?  The bike is 10 years old and shows obvious wear and with the expense of fixing 4 strokes I thought I'd turn to the folks of TT and seek their advice.     Thanks in advance.   

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Ask if the leaking hex bolt is for the oil filter cover.

If so, ask if it is or about to be stripped.

Thanks for the response YZ.  The bolt didn't seem stripped as he tried to tightened it but a clear oily fluid was seeping from around the bolt.  I'm not familiar with WR model only that it is a 2004 model and it was on the right side.  I should have taken a picture of it and posted it.  The part that concerned me the most was that after a minute of idling the case, in that same area, was hot.  It looked like the water pump but should it hot after a minute of idling?           

How hot is "hot"? Putting your hand under warm water or putting your hand on a stove?, are you sure that oily water is coming out by that bolt? If it's from the hole under the waterpump then that would mean the mechanics seal has gone

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