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new & lost, '80 SR250 CV Carb Revs Hanging

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Hey guys, 1st post. Came here because I saw XT250 and I know these bikes are basically part for part. I just rescued an 80 SR250g from an early grave (7k miles, sitting for 5 years, taken apart [chain broke] rusted. >>> restored, rebuilt) got it running long story shooort;


i let the bike warm up for a bike till it's running fine no choke, it revs up strongly, but the revs kinda haaang down. the throttle all the way from the butterfly shaft, up to the throttle handle, are appropriately loose and adjusted properly; the butterfly returns to the fully closed position. it has a mikuni carb not sure the size.


I am totally new to bikes, should have prefaced that. tons of experience on EFI cars but none with '80 carbureted single piston slammers like this. anyway, the carb has been cleaned (and cleaned again) and i have a few theories. the needle slide (the cylinder barrel part) is a weeee bit sticky (not tacky, more like metal on metal, could maybe use a light oiling?). the butterfly valve on the inside has about 1/2 MM of passage on either side (on the interior of the carburetor) so there is a slight amount passing when at idle? is that normal and ok? not part of my problem? and then perhaps i adjusted the idle screw innappropriately, i don't know i do not have a tach.


i'm going to go try starting fluid around the carb/intake to check for vacuum leaks. thanks in advance!

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