how much fork fluid?

so I just got finished doing my fork seals for the first time. But I am having concerns about how much fork fluid to put back. I got the tusk tool to set the level, but I have heard conflicting measurements. The Manual says 110mm air space from the top of the fluid to the cap. However, most people are saying to use 120 mm. Even the sticker on my forks from the previous servicing said 120mm. I called a racetech dealer and they said 100mm. (guy didn't sound sure though)

 I went with 110mm. What "feel" would 110mm have over 120mm.

More fluid should make it stiffer. When I did my sons bike, I set it at 130mm and then drew it down to 140mm to see how many milliliters of fluid there was in the syringe. Now I can start out at 140mm and if that's too soft, I can go to 130mm or 120mm etc. by adding oil through the vent hole until I'm happy with it. For my sons bike, 10mm of oil level was equal to approximately 15 milliliters in the syringe. That's on open chamber 48mm KYB's.


Edit: This is on a 03 KX 250 so you may not be able to add oil that way, I don't know.

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