Fly back to Chile with a bike

Hi, I'm Pablo from Chile, and in october I pretend to travel to the US for a 1 month trip and a one week course. While I'm there I'm gonna buy a few things for me, like moto and fishing gear, but I wanted to know if anyone has info about if it's possible to buy a dirt bike and take it back by parts in bags down to Chile. Here you find only expensive and crap bikes, like a 96-00 cr and yz for $2000-2500usd, or heavily used 4strokes like 06-09 honda and yamahas, for like $4000-5000.

So even if it's a few hundred usd, I would be very happy to pay the extra cost for a $1500-2000 bike.

?? no one that has any kind of info about this? Or want to sell his bike and help me with this? or is it just impossible?

No one has info about this I guess. How much it would be to take the bike by parts en send them by air freight or something like that. in a couple of crates.

Maybe buy a crated bike and ship that back via the cheapest method. It would probably too big to take as carry-on luggage.

Ya its not very likely that you will get this on a airliner you will need to ship it via an actual freight liner

I don't think you could take it as carry on. Bikes are much too big for it unless you can somehow cram it all together. The frame would be the biggest thing.


My opinion: Buy one and have it air freighted back to Chile and have a friend pick it up if you can't make it.

Buy one in California, ride Baja and ship it from Mexico.

Several years ago there was a thread about a guy who took his bike apart and shipped it as air cargo on his flight out of the US, then picked up the pieces and assembled the bike.


He discussed package sizes and weight limits for air cargo, and how he broke down the bike for each package.

Yeah, I`m sure it could be done given the different size shipping boxes readily available.

Just doubtful, that money could be saved due to the added shipping cost.

Thanks a lot for your replies. I'm currently waiting for an air freight estimate. The thing is, I'm never gonna be able to know how big and heavy the crate will be until the bike is ready to be shipped, and if the shipping cost is too much, it would not make sense to buy a bike over there, or if they decide that is too big for air freight. Any ideas?

UPS told me that they don't send personal items, does anyone know about a company who does? a local moving company they told me.

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If you can afford to do so, buy 2 in a crate and ship them both back. If bikes are so difficult to come by down there you should be able to recoup the entire freight cost selling one of them, that's if you can part with the 2nd.

The biggest issue that you are going to have is Tariffs, I'm sure you know this and have a plan. Have you looked at bikes in Ecuador? They are big time into riding there and KTMs are readily available (new). 


Also, check with the Airline that you are flying on, they often sell cargo space on planes (separate from luggage) to help pay for fuel. I would think that 2 crates would be necessary to ship the whole bike down.


Also check out having it loaded into a container and sailed down, takes a few weeks to get there, but it is an option.

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