Auburn/Kent/Renton Supermoto/Dual Sport riders?


Looking for some hooligans to ride with. I know of a few people in the area but would like to recruit some more folks to come ride. I'm into riding in empty parking lots (aka supermoto racetracks), warehouse areas with loading docks and stairs, housing/business development areas, fire roads, hopping curbs, jumping anything and everything, taking any dirt/gravel road that looks fun, wheelies whenever possible (ALWAYSSSS) and basically just being a straight up hooligan.


Where you guys at?! Join our group on facebook, Seattle Supermoto Junkies.

hey! I know its more towards the end of the season and all but id love to meet up with some fellow SM riders. for next season and any good riding days we might possibly get in-between I checked out your facebook page but its invite only, and I noticed one of my buddies, Brandon carr was a part of your group. since his passing and me ending up with his bike I &%$#@!-rigged it back to health and would love to start riding in his name! feel free to pm me or find me on facebook. thanks in advance.

-Ray smith


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