Dammed 2012 klx140L

So here's the problem with this sucker. We bought it new in 2012. My wife has ridden it about a dozen times. I've changed the oil on it frequently and clean the air filter. Installed 2 new plugs and have cleaned the stock carburetor once. My wife complained about our last ride how the idle stays up high and takes seconds for it to come back to idle. So today I cleaned the carb out again and checked for damaged o-rings or gaskets.nothing out of the normal. Fired it back up and same problem. Any ideas on this sucker. :/

Have you properly adjusted the pilot air/fuel screw? If I'm not mistaken a slow returning idle is usually an improperly adjusted air/fuel screw or the jetting is off.

I've been trying to find the stock setting for the air/fuel screw online and can't seem to find it. I haven't messed with the jetting so I want to verify the screw.

To set the adjustment, run the bike until it is at operating temperature then turn the air screw in until the bike starts to stumble, then back the screw out until you find the highest idle. I usually then turn the screw back in 1/4 turn. That should get you real close.



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