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Kmx problems

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Hi all, 

I am struggling to remove a powevalve actuator bearing from my clutch cover. The bearing seems slightly gritty to me and its the last thing to sort before running the rebuilt engine. I've tried heating several times it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. 

I've got a few questions; 

* What sort of temprature do you normally heat a clutch cover or the maximum without damaging anything? 

* What are the chances of one of these bearings going? If it should fail what sort of damage is likely to occur, as the bearing on the crankcase side of the actuator has the same 'gritty' feel. 

* Also Has any body renewed the water pump shaft 'o' rings ? It says on parts diagrams that theres a 6mm and a 8.8mm, my spare one has only one and the 6mm o ring cant seem to get it fit over shaft

Any input appreciated.

water pump 4.jpg

water pump 3.jpg

water pump.png

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I assume you mean the bearing for the centrifugal governor gear that opens turns the lever for the kips?  How are you able to find parts for this bike, I guess Kawasaki is still making some parts as they were only made from 88-92 if I am correct....Kawasaki is famous for making minor changes to seals / gear shafts within a model run that can make it kind of confusing. My 90 kdx200 has a different water pump shaft, one less seal and a different right side cover than say a 1992, even though they are from the same generation of E model bikes...


As for removing any bearings, it's most effective to tap the outer race with a flat head screw river and a hammer


While we're on the subject of KMX, have you looked at this page? They are a small group out of the U.K that manufacture some discontinued parts for the KMX200



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