Cobra exhaust any good?

I just purchased a xr250r recently and im missing some things including a muffler. I have the opportunity to buy a cobra exhaust for it for $50 bucks and i was wondering if anyone thought this was a good deal and what people think about cobra exhaust. Im not sure beings this is cheaper then most of the stock ones i see lol.. 

My buddy had one on his 1984 XR250 and it was well built.  Steel lower and aluminum upper.

yeah, for $50 it's hard to go wrong as long as it fits.

Does it have a spark arrester?

Mr Ranger will kick you out for no sparky.

There are ways to add on spark arresters.

Really loud bikes are frowned upon.

If the muffler looks small, think twice.

$50 isn't much of a gamble.

It came off of the exact bike as mine so I'm not worried about that but I may have to get a spark arrester and repack it but It seems like a good deal. I've heard bad things about cobras but I'm willing to take a chance.

They are "cheap" IMO, but for $50 hard to go wrong. 

I found a guy with a stock xr400 muffler for 50 bucks also yesterday i was wondering if anyone knew if there was any difference between the xr250/400 mufflers? Would it bolt right up?

you can try but few if any xr mufflers interchange between models from my experience, got a small collection of them in a box somewhere trying to do the same thing


had a cobra on a 650 and it rattled itself apart (it's in the same box now). The one thing I did liked about it was the tip turned off to the side just enough that it would be aimed at harley riders helmetless ear stopped at a light.  Could plaster them with 650cc size loud pressure pulses if I lined up right. Loud pipes save lives ya know..........

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