KX250F 2012 Fuel or Engine?

So I completed top/bottom end rebuild. Broke in the new top end at home with all new fluids and
spark plug. Went to Blue Diamond MX park today for 1st ride, man was it hot and humid. The
bike started on 3rd kick rode for 20 minutes all was good. Ditto for round two but the third
time out the engine was acting up. It was backfiring on acceleration and decel, it would
bog when you hit the throttle then suddenly rev, in higher gears it would sometimes have no
throttle response. I am at a lost I didn't touch the fuel system during rebuild and before
rebuild there was no problems. It sounds like EFI or old gas but then why was it OK for two
thirds of day. Any suggestions?

check all the wiring connectors maybe one is not connected properly and not making proper contact.

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