09 65 sx locked up

My son has a 2009 65 SX, and it seized up practicing for a race last week. I usually do most of his maintenence myself, but we just moved to Western Washington and I don't have access to all of the tools I need anymore. I knew it was the bottom end, and took it to a local KTM dealership. They said when they drained the oil they found "pieces of the transmission" and quoted 2800$ to fix it. I cannot imagine what could be wrong to that motor that would cost that much. I called another shop that was unaffiliated and they quoted "around" 2500$ over the phone. I'm going to send it off to Pro motion and have them look at it. My question is, what is the worst case scenario, and assuming I buy tools and do it myself, how much COULD it cost. I have to admit hearing that its basically totaled scared me. I've never heard of ANYTHING costing that much to fix on a small 2 stroke. Please advise on what could be THAT wrong.

Its more than that bike is worth. Time to move on to a new ride. Kawasaki's are plentiful and cheap.

dealers are morons (and most shops for that matter).  tell them to shove it and buy your own tools


hard to say whats wrong without taking it apart. might be $50 or $500. impossible to know for sure

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