Spring found in motor oil! 2000 Polaris trail boss 325


hey everyone, I have a 2000 trail boss 325, I was checking the oil, and I found a long spring in the oil. I looked at the schematics and the spring is the oil relief spring. But I didn't see the Oil relief valve...


My main question is has anyone ever seen this happen? and How did it get into the crankcase?  The spring and valve is installed from the front of the motor..




When you go to the schematics, you will have to click on the Oil pump and Oil Filter 


thank you

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   Let's see if this image works.


   I know nothing about this engine, but I would guess that an unsuspecting mechanic put the spring in first.  Then the piston thingy.  Backwards.  And maybe the spring is small enough to go into the crankcase.


   If you pull the cap off off the front, you might be able to fish the piston out.


   Just a theory .  .  .  .  . did I mention that I know nothing of this engine?  'cause that is pretty far out there.  I can't imagine how an oil relief would work that would allow the spring access .  .  .  .  .  . 



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Thanks for the reply, thats a good thought on what probably happened. I pulled the plug and the valve was there, so I put the spring back in. So hopefully that its good to go.

Thanks for the help

I wonder how long it has been like that.  'cause that couldn't be good for your oil pressure .  .  .  .  .

Yeah thats what I was thinking also, I'm pulling the valve cover of as soon as I get a chance to inspecet cam for excessive wear and to adjust the valves.

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