steering lock

I just picked up my new 520 rs today, after i got it home i attempted to lock the steering, either it had no detent hole or not turning to left far enough to engage. I removed some items in an attempt to get it to lock but no dice, any ideas folks?thank you Ironbasher1

From my experience it's seems different then most motorcycles to engage. Just play around with it, you'll get it. You don't have to turn it to the stop all the way.

mine never worked either.

Thank you Rotax and Mckay for your responses. Rotax ,I did as you said and just played with it, now i can get it to work every time. I turn the lock and push until it goes in about a 1/4 inch and let it spring back to center and pull the key out. also as rotax said it does not have to be full lock to the left ,about 3/4 works fine for initial positioning. Give it a try Mckay, i,m sure it will work for you too. thanks again Ironbasher1

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