Graphics - Opinions please!

Hey boys. Excuse my quick photoshop and blurry iphone photo!


About to send these off but seriously can't decide on blue or black theme.


Going back and forth each day but this is the last thing to do and want to finish it off.


I love black and white stuff but a bit of me also feels like I should have the blue as it's a KTM... Opinions?





Orange and blue.


I like both but think the blue is more unique and stands out more.



Def blue.

Blue is the overwhelming answer!


Cheers guys! 


It's blue! Can't wait to get it all done and ride the damn thing, been too long! 

orange and blue.

I was gonna say black  :excuseme:


In theory, I agree about the blue being a little more unique. I just feel like there is just a tad bit too much of it, in that design. Just my opinion, both are nice. If the blue was toned down a bit, I'd maybe choose that but as it sits, I like the black.

Ya I got the blue much darker, they're printed now sitting on my desk, look badass, just need time to get it done!

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