Fuel injected kx250f idle and start problems

A couple of days ago my 2012 kx250f started idling strange. It sounds like its stays on the choke when the choke is off. I have tried messing with idle speed nob on the choke but when I try to turn it down it starts to run like its normal self then dies. Because of the constant high idling it is getting way too hot. I started around the beginning of the day of riding. And ever since the idle has given me issues now starting the bike up is a pain as well. It takes me about 10 to 15 mins to get it to start up. These isues have been going on for a couple days now..... I dont know much about fuel injection so can anyone help me out? Thanks

I have an 2011 kx250f and my problem was the T.P.S Sensor on the left side of the bike.

Good to know man. I was kinds thinking that

It ended up being my valves

It ended up being my valves

I was just getting ready to post an identical issue with my 2011 RMZ250. I can get mine started a little easier but the idle RPM hunts and I need the choke turned almost all the way out. I know I don't have any valve issues. I've checked the TPS and all electrical connections to the throttle body and air box. I'm running a PIM2 with a Ron Hamp program. I've checked the hot start and it's working as it should be. Anyone have any ideas on what the issue may be? Thanks!

You said you know it isnt your valves but does that mean you checked them when the problem started?

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