Bike to buy

I have a yz125 2009. Keen to get a four stroke I'm 6"2 and 180 lbs what size bike would suit me.? Cheers

what is you price range? 


For MX and general offroad use --- you would love any year YZ450 -- even the steel frames one like I have 03-05.

Hey cheers for replying I've got 5500 us just weighing up reliability and that. Just a very average track rider.

For $5000 you should be able to find a real nice one

Or buy a nice clean 250F and put all the pieces and parts you want with the extra money that would be my route, good luck on the choices.

I went from a 125 to a 250f. It was a considerable step up. I would suggest an rmz250 07 and up. Great bikes.


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