HELP! Yz125 1998 kickstart noise (grinding/whirring)

Hi everyone, im new to 2 stroke engines, ive just brought a 1998 yz125 that has had a top/bottem end rebuild 2 tanks ago, I have only taken it for a short run since buying it down the road and for my problem......the kick start sometimes gets stuck down and when the engine is running there is a very noticeable grinding whirring noise coming from the kick start, if I pull the kick start shaft outwards the noise gets louder and also it varies with engine revs like its spinning something at the same speed as the engine. Any help would be greatly appreciated as im hanging out to take it for a ride but don't want to damage anything by riding it yet.

new toy.jpg

You need a new kick starter axle for it now, it is a common issue with the era motor the starter stop plates are prone to breaking. It's caused from kicking the lever too hard into the foot peg when starting it.

Thanks mate, I'll get one ordered, should I do a new return spring while i'm at it?

It is not a exspensive part around 40 dollars will need to pull the right cover only, the stopper plate is welded to the shaft. Usually most times it just cracks the plate and the tell tell sign is the kick start lever flops forward and hits the pipe it's not supposed to. Let it go long enough and it will not return properly. Practice kicking the lever so your foot hits the top of the peg as sort of a gauge it's okay if the lever taps into the peg. But don't just bottom it out hard with all your weight behind it or you'll break the stopper plate again.

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