that 'tip in' feeling? clicker setup tips please

hey guys


im trying to find that legendary 'tip in' feeling on my ktm 200 exc 2012. i race state level enduro's in western australia and i cant seem to getr that awesome, confidence ispireing front end!! :banghead:  :banghead:  :banghead:  i have tried heaps of stuff and like my front end to have a real tip in feeling, without being hugely soft to the point that on the exit of corners, it buckles and tucks the front end, sending me into the dirt. so i would like some tips on how to make the front end (or rear end) setupo different so i have that 'tip in' feeling yet, when i get on the gas in ruts, the bike doesnt just buckle the front end. 


if anyone has any setup pointers, such as less compression, more rebound, less high speed comp on the rear, less sag etc. i would be very happy, i'll try anything. i just need some direction.


thanks in advance, 

masterblaster1998  :thumbsup:

I'm watching this one, very interesting question. After a revalve I have lost the feel you are describing. No matter what I try my front end doesn't even seem connected to my bike sometimes. Total loss of confidence. Sure hope your post gets some good suggestions.

Can you elaborate your current problem a bit more precise?

It might be the language difference but I dont understand what your current problem looks like exactly...

I would try more reb

Oh, I love the "tip in" feeling. I prefer the whole thing in though...


How much do you weigh? If more then 85kg and you are b-rider you should get the rear revalved stiffer to work higher in the stroke. Do you use the complete travel in your front?

I'm a western Australia junior top 5 state level racer I am in my last year of juniors. I weigh 66 kilos and I'm preparing for a 2-1/2 hour enduro. I'm riding rutted out, chopped up and whooped out combination of sand and muddy, tacky dirt. The suspensions all stock and I run powerparts triple clamps. I had a challenging day today and the bike felt really skittish and unstable. Thanks for your help guys

So thats the OC fork and PDS then? Im not sure i can help you but i would say you might be needing softer springs, or change oil level. If you are using the full travel of the fork then i think revalve is needed.


if you are that fast, then a revalve and personal adjustment might be needed. I ran around 115mm sag on my 2012 500 EXC with PDS. Forks at 5mm.

Boys I have found the holy grail of settups!!

The trick was to soften the compression by 3 clicks continuously and ride to see if the setting was better, worse or the same. It only got better as I softened it up!! So I kept going and now I have found the point at which the front seats perfectly into ruts and has a really sharp turning characteristic as well as being stable at high speed. Still is a little hard if you land front wheel high on a jump but overall, it is the best setup ever for the two-stroke, cause it makes the front dive into ruts just like engine braking does on a four-banger. So all in all soften the compression to get that 'tip in' feeling!! Hope it helps some people,



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