XR650L 1st to 2nd gear change out.

I am making a list of things I want to change on my escape piggy when it runs out of warranty. I read several years ago that you can change the internal ratio on 1st gear to bring it closer to second and stop some bogging. by taking the first gear and first gear shaft from an XR600R and putting into the piggy. has anyone done this? Will it work? Then I can change final gearing to make the bike work better on or off road. appreciate any help on this. Thanks in advance. loved the story on putting a kickstart on my piggy. I'll do that soon after I change gearing.

Yup...you can use the XR60R first gear.but you are better getting the NX650 second gear and installing it...you will still have the nice low 1st gear and the NX gear brings 2nd closer to first,,then you can get the FMX650 fifth over drive gear too...



Done it! I have run OE XRL ratios, XR600 first and second (like you suggest) and now the XRL first with an NX650 second gear. As Brian said the best solution is the nx second. With the xrr first and second with 14 48 sprockets the bike was still lacking in low speed ability in tight trails.

You really will want to change the 5th gear as previously mentioned.  I can explain why but here is my video of my top7 mods that explains the gear mod advantages. 





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