Sand tire psi

So I know this subject has been beat up... Just looking for someone that has experience in riding in sand with a sand tire. Should my psi be at

A. 15 psi per manufacture recommendations

B. 10 psi aired down for more traction

C. 12.5 psi somewhere in between

Or D. ???



10-12 psi only if there are no rocks or sharp edges.


Edit: those pressure recommendations are for a knobby tire.

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I never found that lower pressure in a bike paddle did anything beneficial traction-wise. 15psi

This is a paddle tire or a soft terrain knobby?

Sand paddle tire... When rolling the bike it feels like you got a flat tire lol! And I'm going to pismo beach... It should just be sandy.

Sand paddle tire... When rolling the bike it feels like you got a flat tire lol! And I'm going to pismo beach... It should just be sandy.

Pismo dunes are just sand. You don't even need a paddle tire for there but it does help.

low pressure tears the scoops off easier. i dont get real technical about it as long as its between 15-20 psi

12-14 turbo II 8 cup on 01 cr500.  Front is a Dunlop MX-81 hard terrain set at 6 psig.  Don't slam it hard in a lot of rocks.  This Dunlop has the widest measured width I could find in a MX 21 front.  Aired down so low because it has a super stiff sidewall.  I also run the same thing on my kids 450R,  it is by far the best front sand Tire I have ever ran and I have ran a lot, BS, Michelin, metzler, peirelli etc.  This one floats best and still corners great.  Now that it is discontinued not sure what I will do when it and the two extras I bought are gone.  The 450R has a Michelin Sand 4 on the back and it hooks up almost as good as a paddle but handles tons better and still 12-14 psig.

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i used to run 30 psi in my paddle tires.

I do run double bead locks to avoid slipping the tire

ive found 2 rim locks to be unesecarry. maybe i just dont have enough power

I was slipping the tire with one.  Sometimes it's the consistency of the sand or lack of sand! or the power vs the riders weight.  Whatever it was it happened and tore the valve stem, once was enough for me to make it worth the second one.

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I remember in the fox movie "fly" damon bradshaw said he was running about 13. haha so thats what i always tried to run. I usually never paid much attention. the shop I had swap the paddle all the time aired it up and i just ran it at whatever it was.....

I know this is an old topic, but I strongly disagree.  You will get the best traction with no valve in the tire.  I run the tubliss setup so I can get away with this.  Otherwise, 2 or 3 PSI is good.  This is for knobby tires or paddles.  Believe it or not, there is a massive difference between a paddle at 8 psi and 2 psi.  If you look at all the guys that drag race in sand for money, you can see that their tires are very low or completely flat.  You can prove this to yourself by finding a hill you can't climb with 8 psi- take it down to 2 and there will be a huge difference. 

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