team maico!

Cleaning out old junk recently and found this jersey. Can't believe it was in the bottom of a bag of trashed work clothes.




In early '79 I traded a '78 CR250 Elsinore for a '78 Maico MC250. My dad and I tricked it out with the help of a local shop and I earned the Expert #3 plate in my district for the next 2 years on that bike. In early '81 my local shop got my a leftover "factory" bike from a shop in CA. It was somebody's spare that didn't get used. It had trick forks, a Mik carb and no rear shocks. I held onto #3 that year, got a bonus and went to Mammoth! (15th in moto1, dnf in moto 2). Then got invited to join Team Maico for testing and some pre-baja racing in SoCal and Mex. Got to ride some amazing bikes and had a blast. I was 16!

That fall I crashed hard, got ran over by the 2 bikes behind me, suffered pretty serious back injury and had to quit MX racing.

The jersey is from '80 or '81 and looks new. Sweet find! 



Unless youre sentimental, that would fetch a pretty penny on Ebay!If that Maico you rode in 81 had NO SHOCKS, no wonder you crashed and got run over!

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Yeah, I had the same thought and will go have a look at what it's worth. But obviously being sentimental at the moment and leaving home Monday for 3 months of work, so it'll have to wait.


That is sweet!

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I raced a AW 250 in 77 ' , it was a buddy's bike , he let me test it .

What a sweet handling bike

What's a macco?

Maico has been promising a new bike for quite some time. They are the people who made the 700cc two stroke engine that ATK was pimping. They did have a "new" bike a while back. 2010 I believe.


It's a pretty nice looking bike.



Anyone remember "Maico breako" How about "CZ seize easy" ?



Yeah, I was racing a CR250M Elsinore in '74-'75. The Maico was the best handling bike, but not as fast as the CR and YZ, the CZ sucked on both counts, and had to be laid on its side for a bit before they could be started.

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