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Motocross Washougal - Washougal, WA - Round 9 - MX 2014 Predictions, Discussion and Results *SPOILERS*

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Before I get into the fantasy thingy I wanted to ask what a good place to sell bikes is. I have a 2001 KX250(2 stroke) for sale and a street bike too. Thanks in advance people


Here are the results after round 8. I slipped up last week and forgot to make a topic. Sorry kids, been busy at work. At least I remember to update the scores



If you have played in the past you still have the same login so just go HERE to get your picks in

if you want to get into the fantasy thingy go HERE to sign up

Here are the rules...

So lets get to the picks

Each player willicon1.png pick the top 5 OVERALL in the 450 class and the top 5 OVERALL in the 250 class and fastest qualifier for the 450 class...

Here are the points you will get for each correct pick
1st - 9
2nd - 7
3rd - 5
4th - 3
5th - 1

here are bonus points
2 point for fastest qualifier in 450 class
1 point for each rider picked in top 5 (any position)
(you get a bonus point for every rider picked in the top 5, any order)

Pick entry will be closed before the first timed practice starts on the day of the event. So lets say 9am local race time

To make it fun it is always bettericon1.png to also post your picks in here but you don't have to anymore.

If I think of anything else I will let you guys know in this topic...

Pick Deadlines Saturday July 26th at 11am PST

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I guess I should consider being tied for third a good thing since I was about a hour to late getting my picks in last week.


I would say craigslist if you want to deal with them special people on there to sell your bikes. If you were closer to me I might take a look at your FZ1, I like those bikes.


Thanks Rando.

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Craigslist is great. Do your phone number like 111-four three two - 95TwoEight, to keep the spammers out.


Every one likes to text questions about the bike, that is normal. 


If someone wants to see the bike/buy. Take it to a parking lot and take a buddy. Not that I have ever had any trouble, but it helps to have another guy around if shit gets weird.


If you sell it, take the ad down or people will call for months. 


Only take CASH, make that clear in your ad.


You will do fine if you keep your wits about you.

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ThumperTalk has a for sale section.

Craigslist is good.

No low ballers. The price can be negotiated, but don't show up with less than the asking price in cash.

Sometimes I only put in respond by Craigslist email.

I try not to meet people at my house. I don't want someone casing my garage.

To be a true Craigslist seller, no gas in the tank, one flat tire, behind lots of crap in the garage. Just needs some fresh gas and maybe a spark plug.... Craigslist Flakes.

eBay - never sold on eBay, but i suspect people often put cars and bikes on there with absurd reserve prices to set the value and get cheap advertising. And if someon wants it... Just state no Shipping local pickup only.

Next door .com - I just joined. Good way to advertise locally. Unless your neighbors hate you from riding the dirt bike on the street.

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you did not push the select button yet...  I know that one dungy and baggett..  :rolleyes:

Good thing I did submit those picks, at least I got Dungey right. 

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There's a 3 Bandwagon already? Hahahahaaaaaaaaa. I would like to see 3 win as well.





Wishful thinking.  I was off, especially in the 250's!! #3's hunched over riding style leaves a lot to be desired, but there is no arguing with the results.  I like how he pushes hard and keeps charging.  I was there and the Dunge looked smooth all day and didn't appear to labor at all.  #25 was on FIRE!!!  He finally rode like he used to!   :thumbsup:

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