125 Pit Bike help

I just recently bought a 125cc pit bike, I got the gasket thing figured out but now I need to work on the back brakes . the brake fluid leaks when I push the foot peddle down. I figured it out when I was bleeding the brakes, how would I go about sealing it again? I have gasket paper, and high temp red silicone gasket if its needed.



Where, exactly is the fluid coming from?  There are multiple places on that system that can leak.  The caliper, the bleed screw, the banjo fittings at each end of the hose, the master cylinder reservoir cap, the master cylinder can leak around the push rod.  I can't think of any of those places that you could fix with gasket paper and silicone.  You can buy the banjo bolts and copper washers that will seal the ends of the brake hose where it connects to the caliper and the master cylinder.  You can buy a master cylinder on ebay for around 10 bucks with free shipping but you have to wait several days on shipping from China.  You can get some that are better quality and ship sooner but you will have to do a google search or ebay search for dirt bike master cylinders. You can also buy the calipers or the whole system (caliper/with new pads, master cylinder and hose for around 50 bucks.

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