Does a yz250 feel lighter than a yz250f?

I have an 04 yz250f and heard that the yz250's were the same weight but feel lighter. Is there any truth to this? If so, why?

They both feel pretty heavy to me.

Yes, they lighter because the weight sits lower.....

But it isn't magically lighter, just slightly ....

I went from riding yz250fs from 2002 to 2013 to a yz250 last year and it FELT like it was 30 pounds lighter when riding. Add to that the SSS and power increase and it feels like a monster (because it is).

Yes. Tons lighter.


Why? Because 4 strokes suck, obviously.


Head is heavier...up higher. Exhaust muffler weight is up higher. I hear about this reciprocating mass gyroscopic effect, but havent researched it. The way the power is made also makes it feel sluggish to me.

So which bike would feel more like an exc 200?

Neither. The last 200 I rode felt like my yz 125 with a huge low end boost. A yz 250 has a huge two stroke "braaap" compared to the 200, which is very smooth. A yz 250f is smooth, but feels very heavy (top heavy).

A 250 two stroke will feel more like the 200 two stroke than the 250f fourstroke.

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