2008 te450

Just bought a 2008 te450 everything is stock. 500 miles on it

It has the cat and o2 removed.


The bike surges when driving down the road a bit. and when you come to a stop will stall then start right back up?


Also where the hell does one buy a arrow exhaust for this bike?

Sounds like you need a tps adjustment like myself..thanks for the reply by the way!..about the exhaust seems like they are getting hard to find.i found a leo vince ebay special.My buddy I ride with has an 09 510,he ordered his exhaust from halls cycle in Illinois out of the special parts catalog.they offer a slip on and upgrade ecu for around 700 bucks,but they were out of them no longer available,so he asked about the full titanium exhaust and ecu,they had 3 of those sold it to him for 1300,not sure what the list price was?yes runs pretty good but that's a lot of cash!!!maybe they would have something for the 450 not sure.    

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