2000 XR250Y oil capacity

Just bought an XR250Y (MD30) factory e-start, steel tank, air pump & digital dash & it's well & truly over full with oil as it poured out of the air box when I opened it on inspection... The engine is as new with only 2100km's on it. I've searched the forums & people are saying between 1.3L & 2.0L... So no definite answer there. Does anyone know the factory amount with & without filter? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, I suspect the Australia XR250y is the American XR250R with turn signals and some other dual spot components, like a speedometer.

Is there an oil tank under the gas tank? Then it is a dry sump motor.

Just use XR250R for your searches. Most if the bike is the same. Jetting, gearing, and dual sport goodies are different. XR250R oil info is here. Read the How to check oil level here too. Then you will know why the bike was overfilled. The Honda directions don't work.

Here is the owners guide. I am always Leary of online manuals as many are loaded with a virus.

I opened it on my ipad, which is more virus resistant.


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Thanks for the reply. It's a dry sump engine, very similar to an XR4 but without the oil cooler. No oil tank under the fuel tank just one VERY big CDI unit, oil runs through the frame & has a dip stick in the same spot as an XR4, the carb is a diaphragm type, it also has a TPS on it, not sure if the US XR250R is the same or not. The seat height is very low also, about five inches lower than an XR4. It's a Japanese import & from what I can tell, the late model 250L & 400M parts (tank & fake shrouds) will slip straight on so I'm guessing the specs are similar, I'll check out your link. Thank you.

Page 13 & 24" looks like the right bike

Hey just a question, any idea on uncorking the exhaust?? It's the GF's bike but I can't help myself...

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