KTM 525 Oil change

So I was doing my first oil change on my KTM 525 EXC 2005.


By mistake I loosened this "location screw" and oil started draining from there. Only this oil was much clearer than the oil coming from the main drain screw.


This is the screw:




Is it supposed to be removed when doing an oil change? They didn't do it in the tutorial I watched: 


Also, there's only one way to fill oil on the engine (plastic screw), right?


Thanks in advance.

First questions answer: no

Follow the video you referenced, capture the oil you remove in a graduated container. Then add the same amount of new oil.

That first screw is the crank lock. Used when locking crank when doing service work when you want to maintain top dead center. (valve adjusting, etc)

A tip for removing the screens is tap them with a hammer to shock them before unscrewing.

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