Running issues?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

ight so I built myself a xr 100 and went to a friends house today to ride with him (hes got the same thing) but 2002.

His bike started acting up..   didn't idle at all without choke being on.. cleaned air box, carb, Yes pilot jet included and now its a clear hole to see through, new plug  idk what it is? I  even switched carbs and it still happened but if i unscrew the air mixture screw all the way it does idle without choke, give it gas it bogs out, turn idle screw in to make it rev higher and it bogs out without choke being on


what the hell went on the bike? inside the engine perhaps bad throttle cable theres no gas clog im stumped anyone that knows do share with me so I can get his bike back up and running! I appreciate any help  

83 views and no one knows   ill just take it to the shop 

Must be something still clogging the idle circuit. Pull the carb and go thru the carb again. Blow some carb cleaner through the little holes. Be sure everyone of them is clear. Blow some air trough them also. Be sure the O ring is on the fuel screw.

Fuel screw when it is on the fuel side of the carb. Air screw when it is on the air side of the carb

Htimsroyalt, did you ever did ur issue figured out???

I have an 05 crf80 with the same issue... The bike sat for 2 yrs before I bought it so the old gas was all gummed up inside the carb, I've tore it down and cleaned many times but i still can't get it to idle / run properly.... Only starts with full choke but then it just dies out...

What did u do to fix the issue?

Spray brake or carb cleaner around the manifold and head (where it connects to the cylinder).  If the idle changes at all there's an air leak. Probably a rip in the manifold. For the guy with the gummed up carb, take out the pilot and make sure you can see through it with no obstruction. 

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