Bike deposit

Is there any way I could put down a deposit on a dirtbike so that it will be held, but have a way to get my money back if he sells it anyway? Paypall wont protect motorized vehicles or services

Sure. Put it in the sales contract. The seller has to agree to the terms if you you want to do this.


Most deposits are non-refundable (A risk taken by both parties to ensure the full contract is honored) so you'll need to make sure it is clearly spelled out in your reciept for the deposit if it is refundable.


Just as if the seller takes a deposit, he must not sell it to anyone but you and hold it for you for a set period of time. If you fail to follow through on the contract, you would loose your deposit. If the seller 'got a better offer' prior to you buying and within the contract, he could request you canel the contract, get your deposit back and a little extra for your trouble. However, once the contract is written, it must be followed through by both parties or absopvled by both parties. No 'one person changing thier mind'.



Get your dad invovled before you turn over any money. Realize you are not legally able to sign a contract in most places if you are under the age of 18.

Then if he doesnt follow through going to court will never make back the deposit

Then if he doesnt follow through going to court will never make back the deposit


Quite likely. It probably isn't worth the trouble/risk.

I just used paypal. Hopefully he is a legit guy

Can you send me money too?

Can you send me money too?

I Wish haha

I Wish haha

Pretty sure you didn't get the message....

Pretty sure you didn't get the message....


I did, I am just disregarding it to make myself feel better :thumbsup:

You could spit in your hand and shake on it.  :thumbsup:

He lives 5 hours awau

The seller is probably out at the track right now letting his brother and all his friends ride your bike through deep mud while it's low on oil.  But don't worry - you made a deposit.

Well it got here. Full of oil and running good but jetting wrong. Probobly due to the loss of 2700 feet

Jetting is easy to fix. At least the seller didnt take the money and run. 

Yeah. I expected to jet anyway

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