Brake light malfunction.

The rear brake light on my 02 exc is stuck on. I pulled the cover off the bike to replace the flashers and noticed my rear brake light bulb was shattered. I replaced the bulb and when I turned I tested it it seems like the light is stuck on and the brightness doesn't fluctuate when the brakes are applied. Either it's stuck on or the the light doesn't get brighter when the brakes are on.

I unplugged the light switch for the rear and no change. I'm not sure if this year model has a front switch I couldn't locate it. Also when I hit the rear brake the light actually shut completely off one point then I revved the bike and it came back on. I am baffled to what it could be. Any help would be appreciated.

Edited by Ross08

I also read somewhere that the US chassis do not have plug and play rear brake light switches although mine is.

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