Trials tire fitting on an 04' YZ250F

Hi, getting back into riding and id like to throw a set of trials on because all I do is trail in the Sierra's. Ive gotta 19" in rim, Shinko makes one but dont know much about them. Thinking about swapping my 19'' rim for an 18" (keeping the stock hub) but cant get much help on which and spokes I'll need to do so. Help me Obi Wan.. I need your help


I ran the Shinko 255 19 in. I ran it with a bib. It's gummy as hell. I really liked it in the rocks. It looks real skinny like a Mtb tire but it hooks up great. It also wears really well. The only other benefit of an 18 is the added cushion of the bigger tire.

Thanks for the reply, thinking of going that route to give them a try and save some loot.

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