Flattrack: 250 or 450?

Finally have the means to buy a full size bike for flattrack. I have a 2003 CR250 bored and stroked to a 295, and it's a monster. However, most of the tracks I ride will be smaller than a 1/2 mile and would be nearly impossible to ride a full mod 2 stroke efficiently in the corners. Plus, chopping the forks, valving, lowering, quick-change hubs, seat, and tires prove to be far more expensive than it's worth on a bike that's over 10 years old. At the tracks I ride, lots of guys are selling their 250Fs to move to 450s, and guys selling their 450s to move on to CR500s and rotax 600s. I'm on a low budget (under $3k) and have several options on the used market. There's a 2004 and 2005 CRF250R, a 2002 crf450r with new everything, tires to grips, and a 1997 KX250 with a brand new motor. My quandary is choosing between the 2 sizes. The 250 seems to be a great starter big bike, But I've been riding 250 smokers for a while and think I can move on, plus they are high strung and constantly need valve adjustment. The 450 is a bike that won't always be bouncing off the limiter, is sheer grunt, and are better for heavier riders (I weigh 195lb). Going to test ride them all this Saturday at our local cushion 1/4 mile. Just need some pointers before I make a move.

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Go the 450 , have the power

whos adjusting the valves?

Go 500.

Go 500.

I Approve this message !  :thumbsup:

I race Flattrack, and would suggest a bone stock 450 (19 inch rims and lowered of course). Then as you improve start with the performance mods.

1970s honda cb550. You'd be suprised

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