What are my XR650R header and exhaust options in 2014?

Hi Guys,

     Looking to purchase the best quality headers and exhaust for my 2001 650R, but it appears manufacturers are no longer making them. Old posts recommending headers say Leo Vince, Akrapovic, White Bros, but all of those AFAIK stopped selling them years ago. It appears that only FMF and XRs Only are selling headers and exhausts for the bike now. What to do? I've been looking on Ebay and etc. for used headers/pipes with no luck. XRs only are reputed to be good. I'm not keen on the springs on the headers, but if that is the best availabe today I might go that route. FMF have a nice sound but have read of fitment/quality issues so I might stay away from them. Anyone have something for sale? Bike will be 70/30 road/off-road, so can't go race pipe route as will be too loud. Thanks. Best to all.

Contact Staintunehttp://staintune.com.au/. They have a street legal system and a special order race system. Around 700 aud so about 600 us.

Hi Nick,

     Thanks for the lead, I emailed them and will hope for a reply. I researched Pro Circuit T4, and that looks like a good system too. I'll be calling XRs only in a bit to ask about their system, but might want to buy this afternoon. So choice right now is between T4 and XRs only's exhaust system. Any feedback from youse all on these two? I can get the T4 system at a great price, so am leaning that direction. Thanks. Best regards.

Bought the Pro Circuit on a good sale. Will be letting it rip soon. What jets are you guys running with stock cam but all the uncorking mods with your aftermarket exhausts? I'm at sea level near the coast north of Boston. Thanks. Best regards.

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